Virci "Ruibrar" Amastacia

Hussar, Artificer, Elven Noble, Knight of the Bellowmeres


Class: Artificer (Construct Specialist)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Level: 9
Affiliated Groups: The Hussars, The Bellowmere Vanguard, the Delvers’ Guild


Place of Origin: Weald of the Emerald Conclave, Hinterlands
Age: ~100 years old
Known Family: Father: Lothier Amastacia, Mother: Ceila Amastacia, Sister: Arya Amastacia
Physical Description: 5’10", 100 lbs.
Scorch marks and burns on his arms and hands from tinkering and alchemical testing.

General Outline of Virci’s History: He was born into the noble family of Amastacia, a family ambassadors between the Emerald Enclave of the Hinterlands and Cael of Meridian.

As his parents desired, it was meant for Virci to learn of diplomacy and history, so as to continue the Amastacia’s future as ambassadors. Virci, however, did not desire this. He had discovered a private sanctum of sorts, filled with alchemical texts and supplies, and his true passion was known to him: artificing.

When Virci reached his 85th year of life, he was intended to serve as an ambassador to Cael, Meridian. Instead of doing his family responsibility, Virci left his home. He abandoned his clan name, becoming Virci Ruibrar, and spent 15 years travelling and gaining the knowledge and skills of an artificer.

On his 100th year of life, he returned to his home to see his clan once more. His parents denied him his autonomy, and pushed for him to resume his intended diplomatic roles. With no ground gained from this family reunion, he left again, months later. Only his sister, Arya, treats him with true kindness, despite having to take his place in becoming ambassador.

Virci "Ruibrar" Amastacia

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