Seeker of the Kettle


Class: Rogue (Thief)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Level: 9
Affiliated Groups: The Hussars


Place of Origin: Highrock, Elemental Plane of Air
Known Family:Tweet was the biggest bird in the nest, all his siblings perished, they were not as fit
Physical Description: 5:9(an inch taller than zaihur)with wild but “knowing” eyes, dark gray feathers, and a healthy beak, one with an eye for such things can easily gather this is a fit specimen of a bird

General Outline of Tweet’s History: from the nest, tweet lived a roudy yung life, collecting all the shiny objects he could gather. Eventually though, as he reached the relatively mature age of 3, tweet began to question the nature of these objects. He observed human culture, and became an expert. Many traveled to his hut in the woods seeking wisdom in human affairs, and he became somewhat of a celebrity. Eventually though, a student came to him with a strange, fascinating object. “Tea kettle” he called it. Seeking the answers to the kettle, tweet went back out into the world
(Some claim that a bird named tweet once joined a caravan escort, where he became enamored by a shiny banner and flew off with it into the distance. While it is an awesome and heroic tale, it is pure speculation that this actually took place, as tweet has no memory of the event)


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