Toshiro "Seiko" Koga

Koga Clan, Hussar, Ninja, Associate of the Dark Moon


Class: Rogue (Ninja)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Level: 9
Affiliated Groups: The Hussars, Order of the Dark Moon, The Bellowmere Vanguard


Place of Origin: Koga Estate, Iehashira
Age: Early 20’s
Known Family: grandfather Jinbei Koga (Deceased), mother Erika Koga (Deceased), father Hanzo Koga (Deceased)

General Outline of Seiko’s History:
Toshiro was born in to a family of mercenaries known as the Koga Clan in the mountains of Iehashira. For reasons currently unknown, his clan was destroyed when he was merely five. He and his grandfather are the sole known survivors of this attack. His grandfather, Jinbei, safeguarded him from the group, or groups, responsible for the destruction of his family as he raised Toshiro.

Though they traveled as vagabonds, Jinbei began Toshiro’s training in the arts and style of the Koga family line at the age of six, as was tradition. Even though the Koga clan had already been all but destroyed, Jinbei still instilled within Toshiro the values and disciplines of the clan, and with it a hatred for those that had murdered his family. At the age of fourteen, Toshiro took up the name of Seiko, both in an effort to hide his identity from the parties responsible for his clan’s destruction and to signify his coming of age.

After a long life of physical training and mercenary work, Seiko’s grandfather, Jinbei, passed away when Seiko was at the age of twenty-one. In his passing, Jinbei gave Seiko the name of the group responsible for the Koga massacre: the Order of the Dark Moon. His training complete, Seiko has since been on a vengeful journey to learn more about the group that was responsible for the massacre of his family line and the theft of the recorded arts of the Koga clan.

Toshiro "Seiko" Koga

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