Dragoness of the Frozen Wastes


Class: Dragon
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Affiliated Groups: To Be Determined


Place of Origin: The Northern Ice Caps
Age: Centuries Old
Known Family: To Be Determined

General Knowledge: Nyr’Mirith, given her age, may very well be the white dragoness that lives on in the tales of giants.

The giants of Whiteridge know her as the Warm Embrace. Whether she submits her victims to her frigid breath, seduces enemies into her icy lair, or does away with a non-dragon mate, there is one consistent trait that all who are risen or communed with following their deaths retell: the unnatural warmth they felt before succumbing to the cold dragoness.

Every few centuries she flies down from the north, reaping chaos and misery at the behest of her chromatic patron, Tiamat the Undying.

Knowledge Gleaned: The enslaved goliaths that Nyr’Mirith commands speak of a pact with the Gelugon (or, ice devil) broodmother, Reesara. It is unknown the exact numbers Nyr’Mirith commands. So far, it is known that dozens of goliaths serve her (albeit unwillingly), while a handful of ice devils under her command have so far been discovered.


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