Celise Valenbrook

Queen of Wultrad


Class: Noblewoman
Alignment: Neutral Good
Affiliated Groups: Justicars, Knights of the Cudgel, Council of Seven


Place of Origin: Holt, Wultrad
Age: Second Century
Known Family: husband Herrod Valenbrook (Deceased), son Eoin Valenbrook, daughter Elizabeth Valenbrook

Interactions With the Hussars: Her Majesty, Celise Valenbrook, has heard numerous reports of deeds done by the Hussars at the behest of the Justicars’ notices, the Bellowmere’s orders, and the request of the Pelorian priestess, Eva Gerstle. As such, she has grown to respect the Hussars, and appreciate their continued aid to Wultrad and its many allies.

She first met the party at a banquet held during the International Martial Arts Tournament in Holt, at which Constantin Klingeman made the faux pas of initiating the conversation before the Queen had collected herself and kissing her hand when she meant to shake his own. She didn’t make the errors public, rather excusing herself once the conversation had found a pause.

She has had few direct interactions with the party since.

What is Known About This Character: The long life of the Queen is an oddity, one which leads many devout men to believe that the gods are still among the material plane, and still choose envoys with which to lead, rather than blessing the lineages of their past envoys.

The queen married the Envoy of Pelor, Herrod Valenbrook, following the rise and stabilization of the 6th era. Once joined in matrimony, Herrod began to age quickly. His life ended shortly after the marriage, as he entered into passed his first century of living. Since then, the Queen that married into the blood line has remained youthful and young. The Justicars and Cudgel have taken steps to evaluate her through her early reign, to ensure that this change of fate was not the product of something sinister, but Celise has proven to be a devout follower of Pelor’s light, and has shown great interest in the well-being of her people.

Thus, it is presumed that Celise was simply more worthy than Herrod in Pelor’s eyes, and that she was instead given the Valenbrook’s gift of long life, youth, and health.

Aside from this bizarre occurrence, Celise’s rule has been rather unblemished. She led expected humanitarian efforts during the Grayhall – Giant War, while the Justicars and Knights of the Cudgel joined with the Grayhall Alliance in the war against the Whiteridge giants. She is kind to her subjects, defers to the authority of the Cudgel and the Justicars on matters of the law, and maintains good relations with the peerage of the nations abroad.

The only blemish on an otherwise positive rule would be the few incidents caused by her son and daughter — respectively, Eoin Valenbrook and Elizabeth Valenbrook — and the members of her Council.

Celise Valenbrook

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