Constantin Klingeman

Hussar, Knight of the Bellowmeres


Class: Fighter (Battlemaster)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Level: 9
Affiliated Groups: The Hussars, The Bellowmere Family and Vanguard


Place of Origin: Holt, Wultrad
Age: Early 20s
Known Family: father Marcus Klingeman (Deceased), mother Mary Klingeman (Deceased)

General Outline of Constantin’s History: Constantin lived his childhood doting upon the heroic image of his father, Marcus Constantin, that was built in the colorful stories his mother — Mary Klingeman, cleric of Pelor — told. Marcus was away for most of Constantin’s life due to his role as a soldier in the Grayhall-Giant wars in the north. Mary Klingeman took care of Constantin by her self, supported financially by the Holtian temple she served.

When Constantin was an adolescent, his father finally returned from the front. Marcus was a harsh and bitter man, a man that contrasted the glorious soldier Constantin knew from his mother’s tales. The quality of their home rested upon Mary’s shoulders, and was strained by the tormented and sedentary father figure.

Not too soon after Constantin’s father returned, his mother succumbed to disease, and not even the efforts of the church could preserve her life. Constantin, his father incapable of work, did what he had to to support himself and the father he still hoped would come around. He stole and starved himself to pad what little he earned, and lived day to day hoping for his father and life to improve. His only known friend during this portion of his life was Rolen Iliro.

Constantin’s father never did improve, and passed on in misery and spitefulness as Constantin reached adulthood. With Marcus’ passing, Constantin inherited his longsword and armor. It was then that Constantin made a personal oath, found a reason to leave Holt, and began learning how to fight solely with a longsword.

Constantin Klingeman

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