The Hussars

[Session 1 Recap] The Ashborough Festival
The First Few Chapters of the Hussars' Exploits

Sunday, 1st of Winterwane, 313, 6th era

Our story begins in Ashborough, a small village a day’s walk from the city of Llyne. As it is the first of the new year, the nobles in the surrounding provinces have come together in this central village to have a festival and tournament. Merchants’ stalls and festival tents line the main thoroughfare, and in the surrounding land lay grounds for jousting, dueling, and feasting. Four individuals arrive here, not knowing one another or their destiny to join together.

The first man, Constantin Klingeman, a Wultradian commoner and human born in the capital of Holt, has arrived at the festival and immediately begins seeking a way to partake in the knights’ duels. He seeks out the tent housing the Duke of Holt, Frank Bryton, and meets a very guard of the Bryton vanguard. After a short bout of words, someone from within the tent beckons for Constantin to come in.

Constantin is met by Ileen Bellowmere, the Dutchess of Llyne, and finds that she and a few servants are the only individuals here. Ileen takes kindly to Constantin, as he tells of her of his father’s veteran status in the Grayhall – Giant War and his own will to serve Holt and Wultrad. After a short chat, Ileen requests parchment of one of the servants, and begins making a writ of entry for Constantin, allowing him to participate in the tournament despite his common heritage.

While is this transpiring, Seiko Koga the Iehashiran monk and Iber Ambulari the mystic have already found work at the festival grounds. The former is under contract with the village reeve, Eustis Meinhard, to serve as protection during the festival for modest pay, while the latter is employed in the medical tents, working alongside the clerics on staff to keep the tournament contenders patched up.

The final person of interest, Virci Ruibrar, arrives sometime into the festival. He browses the merchants’ stalls, buys sundries from a Meridian herbalist, Florentia Ionesco, and then begins taking part in the a tournament of Wultradian academics: a Dragonchess tournament. Here, Virci meets a number of young, noble fellows such as Senard Roland McNeavi, whom Virci joins in a low-stakes series of games.

Back at the tourney grounds, Constantin Klingeman goes and takes his place amongst the knights of Silversong, Holt, Llyne, and Farwater. The knights, in their tournament plate and bearing fine, metal wasters, jeered Constantin for the sorry excuse of a weapon he had brought, and the old, rustic chainmail he wore.

When the fights began, Seiko and Iber watched on as the stranger, Constantin, dueled one-on-one against the Llynian knight, Sir James Hargrave. Hargrave took no mercy on the common man, beating him left and right, purposely opening his guard, and even beating Constantin with just his gauntlets.

After a short and bloody bout, it was Iber’s responsibility to drag an unconscious Constantin out of the dueling grounds and into the medical tent. Whilst there, Iber patched him up with his Mystic powers (all the while, pretending to be a cleric of some manner), and spoke to Constantin about his entry into the tourney and his aspirations thereof.

Shortly into their conversation, as more duels went on nearby, Seiko entered the tent to meet the commoner that was quickly swatted out of the tournament. All three spoke shortly in interest of Constantin’s position, before Peter Bellowmere, son of Ileen, came into the tent to see Constantin.

Peter had heard of his mother’s blessing on Constantin’s behalf, and had witnessed the beating on the field. Peter offered Constantin a second chance in the tourney, a potion of respite, and access to Peter’s own tournament gear. After some hesitation, Constantin accepted the chance to redeem himself, healing up with the potion and Iber’s help, and took to the Bellowmere tent.

There, Constantin changed out of his father’s armor, and donned the pristine plate of the Bellowmere house. He took up a proper waster for the tournament, and with Peter’s suggestion, sought out the other knights to negotiate terms of the next the duel.

Thus, Constantin found the other knights, including James Hargrave, and brought up the idea of a two-on-two duel with his next matchup, Sir Mortcombe. Mortcombe agrees, and Constantin convinces Seiko to fight alongside him.

As the next contenders entered the field, Iber Ambulari and Virci Ruibrar came out to once more spectate.

Constantin and Seiko stood across from their opponents, Sir Mortcombe and Lady Whitehall, and then the fight began.

Both sides are badly beaten, but Constantin prevails alongside Seiko, who had fallen late into the fight. As they patched up, Iber congratulates them. Constantin goes once more to ask for a two-on-two fight with James Hargrave, a finalist, and Hargrave accepts.

Once all are healed and ready, Constantin and Seiko contend with James Hargrave and Algerone Campbell.

Before any blows are settled, a a sable-cloaked High Elf appears in the crowd, and throws a bead of fire into the dueling grounds and spectator stands. The nobles are protected from the blast by their vanguard and wizards, but the commonfolk face casualties.

Seiko and Constantin are badly injure, but Virci and Iber rush out from the stands to heal and aid them. As Ashborough descends into chaos in the flight of the village, the nobles and players retreat alongside the commoners as members of the Justicar Knights and Knights of the Cudgel flood towards the dueling grounds. Before they can stop the wizard responsible for the massacre and mayhem, the wizard falls away from existence and into a portal, disappearing entirely.

The players, collected in their flight, regroup at the Bellowmere tent to see if the Bellowmere family is safe. The only remnants of the tent are two half-elf servants, which the party grabs and drags with them in their retreat to Llyne.

For 8 hours, the party marches on, making it to the gates of Llyne at dusk’s fall. Constantin, bearing his Bellowmere plate, is mistaken for Peter Bellowmere by the guards at the gate. After the mix-up is cleared, the guards send a runner with the party to lead them to the Bellowmere estate, and the party meet up with the safe, but harrowed, Bellowmere family. Ileen and Peter welcome the party, and give them free rooms for the night. Constantin attempts to return the items he borrowed for the tournament’s duration, but Peter denies them, saying “The armor will serve you far better, Klingeman.”

The four members of the party separate, bunking two persons per guest room: Seiko with Virci, and Constantin with Iber.

As they reflect on the events of the day, and the deaths they escaped, the night passes.

Moonday, 2nd of Winterwane, 313, 6th Era

In the morning, the party members each awaken to food left for them by the half elf servants they rushed to Llyne from the village of Ashborough.

Iber, Constantin, and Seiko discovered that the high elf, Virci, had been awake for some time, and had spent his pre-dawn hours artificing potions.
Seiko cautiously checks his food for poison, and finds none. Satisfied, he and the others eat the food provided.

While the party discusses their next moves, and their desires to continue travelling together, Constantin removes the symbol of Llyne from his Bellowmere plate armor. Following this, Iber, Constantin, and Seiko go out to find work while Virci stays behind to work on potions in privacy.

The party, sans Virci, find their way to the Llynian Temple of Pelor. There, they are met by the head priestess, an Aasimar woman named Eva Gerstle. The priestess does not have much in the way of work for the adventuring sort, but she offers the party a modest reward for delivering the ashes of a devout man, a Jeremiah Gottwaldt, to his old home in the Tresswoods of the west.

Out of kindness, and perhaps servitude to Pelor, Constantin accepts, and the others follow in his agreement of doing a seemingly easy task.

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